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I am passionate about helping people facing immigration challenges and criminal law consequences.

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Immigration And Defense Attorney In California

The Intersection Of Immigration And Criminal Defense

People often ask me, "Why do you practice in both immigration and criminal defense?" The answer is simple: They affect each other. Many criminal charges can lead to deportation or other immigration consequences. I know what these charges are and what actions you need to take to protect your immigrant status.

Furthermore, both areas of law involve high-stakes cases that can change lives, for better or worse. As a lawyer, I am dedicated to helping people through difficult times — to instilling hope in their lives.

No Matter How Difficult Your Challenge, Turn To Me

I am not afraid of a difficult case. In fact, clients often come to me after they have been turned down by a handful of other attorneys — attorneys afraid to take the case because it was "too difficult to win." I am strategic and look outside the box to find solutions to challenging immigration law and criminal defense cases. I have even taken on difficult immigration appeals at the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, one of the highest courts in the U.S. Why do I put in the extra effort? Because your future matters.

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Schedule a free consultation by sending me an online message or calling 562-888-9172. Located in Norwalk, I represent criminal defense clients throughout California and immigration clients from around the world.


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