Recognized Immigration Lawyer

As an immigrant, I know how complicated the various U.S. immigration processes can be. As a lawyer, I want to help people navigate those laws to come to the U.S. or extend their stay.

No matter how difficult your case, I can help you. I am recognized in the legal community for my ability to fight deportation cases and other complicated immigration law cases. Even if another attorney has told you that you can't win, talk to me. From my law office in Norwalk, California, I represent clients across the country and around the world.

Do You Face Deportation?

Don't give up hope before it's over. Don't waive your opportunity for bond. Don't sign anything before you speak with an attorney. You can fight deportation. I can help. I devote a significant portion of my practice to immigration defense, including deportation defense.

Depending on your unique case, you may be able to avoid deportation through asylum, cancellation of removal, negotiation for prosecutorial discretion or other options. I have defended many people like you at both the immigration detention facility level and immigration court level. I can also help you avoid a criminal conviction that could lead to deportation.

Do You Want To Immigrate To The U.S. Or Extend Your Stay?

In addition to my immigration defense practice, I help people obtain immigration benefits, including adjustment of status, green cards/permanent residency, citizenship, asylum, temporary protected status (TPS) and work permits.

I keep up to date on ever-changing immigration law. When there is a change that will help my clients get their benefits sooner or stay in the U.S. longer — or obtain benefits they weren't entitled to before — I will act on it. You can trust that I will be your advocate every step of the way.

Do You Need To Appeal An Immigration Decision?

I handle immigration appeals, including appeals before the the 9th Circuit Court and the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA). I have had success attacking procedural misfires by the state court and using other tactics to protect my clients.

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I know what you are going through and the frustration you face, whether you are attempting to immigrate to the U.S. or the government has threatened to deport you. I want to give you hope for your future by protecting you as your immigration lawyer.

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